List of Episodic Videos & Stills

Week 1 

Bok-soo works as a part-timer in his friend’s company. Soo-jung worries about keeping her job as a teacher and finds out that Bok-soo was the one who saved her. Bok-soo then decides to go back to school.

Week 2

Tired of being played with, our strange hero returns to the school that ruined his life, facing the same people who helped ruin it.

Week 3

There is only so much teachers can know about their students, just as there is only so much our heroine can know about the two men from her past.

Week 4

Knock, knock–the cuteness is back, and not a moment too soon. With one misunderstanding cleared, our couple can breathe a sigh of relief and start moving forward.

Week 5

Sneaking around is proving to be a lot more difficult than our lovebirds originally thought. But with tensions running high at the school, it looks like they’ll need each other more than ever.

Week 6

For the Wildflower Class, and for our hero in particular, every small victory is to be celebrated. But for the unhinged Oh Se-ho, every small victory is just that–small.

Week 7

There’s not much our heroes can’t handle these days–they even make a complicated revenge scheme seem like a walk in the park. But with their revenge so close to becoming reality, they have to consider the damage it could cause to themselves.

Week 8

Out of all the lessons our characters have come to learn, the most important is that it’s never too late to right a wrong. They’ve made mistakes, they’ve paid their dues, and they have plenty of chances to start over.

Week 9

Bok-soo (Yoo Seung-ho) finally graduates to the delight of his family, Teacher Park, and Soo-jung (Jo Boa). They can now truly move on from the past and make up for the nine years taken from them.